Monday, March 10, 2014

Work / Play Balance

I thought of this post idea after reading something Jack recently wrote over at The Book Stop. If you haven't already read it, he basically just talks about writing blog posts and how time-consuming a task it can  sometimes be. Very 'easy to relate to' stuff and cool insight into how other bloggers write their posts, you should really read it! Even if you already have, you should read it again! Haha

Anyway, what I wanted to tap into was difficulty balancing work and play, play being the blogging, reading and such, and work being the school, homework and all that boring stuff!

If you just take a scroll down the homepage of my blog, you'll notice that lately, my posts have been pretty well spaced, the simple reason being that I've been struggling with getting all my school work done and still having time to write blog posts. To re-iterate what Jack said, "it makes me mad".
Organising and applying structure to things has never been my strong suit, as much as I would love for it to be, but I've come up with a few different possible solutions, for myself and anyone who's reading and can relate.

Guilt is written all over me for this one. As much as multi-tasking can get short-term projects done quicker, it's unbelievably draining, and then you end up wasting time afterwards because you're tired. Or maybe I'm just describing myself? Haha.
In all honesty though, if you put your complete concentration to one thing alone, you'll get that thing done a hell of a lot quicker than you think!

I would very much like not to sound like some motivational speaker here, so I'll try keep it simple. 
Write down what it is you have to do. It doesn't matter if you have an eidetic memory like my friend Dr Sheldon Cooper, and you're able to remember anything and everything. Writing things down means you're realising what you have to get done, which is one step closer to actually getting it done!

I used to wonder why days in school were broken up into periods of 40 minute lessons. Then I started going to extra hour and a half classes and I swear I almost died. 
Powering through can be good sometimes, but everyone needs a break every once in a while, be it a ten minute study break, or a week-long break off school/work (which I'm seriously considering at this point haha!)

I'll agree that this one is easier said than done, but there's no point complaining, just do it! If you're not easily self-motivated, find something that motivates you, which for me is fear of disappointing! Compare all the work you have to do, with all the work you will have to do tomorrow if you don't get it done. It'll only get worse..
 Is it helping yet? I thought so! Haha

Does this tie in with taking breaks? Yes. Am I just including this to give myself more fun time? Maybe.. Does it really matter? Hell no!
Nobody likes workaholics, and I don't think anybody likes being a workaholic either. So every once in a while, remember to schedule some fun time for yourself.
As one of my favourite Youtuber says, "Treat YO'SELF!"

If anything, this post was just to help me get on top of things again, but it'd be awesome if it also helped someone else! 

Oh and Jack, if you're reading, it took me exactly 1 hour 53 minutes to write this post!

Thanks for reading guys!

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