Saturday, September 7, 2013

Start Up Post

Just a quick, start up blog post so my blog doesn't look so empty and sad.. haha!

Anyway, the only things on my mind, are choir practice, to which I'm headed now, getting exam results on Wednesday (not looking forward to that), how on Earth I'm going to be able to improve my blog, bourbon biscuits with nutella (I'll eventually acquire diabetes), the three books I'm simultaneously reading (The Fault in our Stars, The Maze Runner and The Fall of Five), when will season two of The Legend of Korra ever come out, the scheduling conflict between choir practice on Fridays and extra classes in the Institute of Education, and how I'm going to have to start studying because Fifth Year is no joke!

It's a lot to think about all at once, that's just the norm for me, and it usually gets me stressed out. But I'm working on that!

Sorry if this post is amateurish and not very well written, I'm posting from my iPhone! 

I promise it wont always be this bad haha!


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