Monday, October 21, 2013

Lucid Dreaming

For those of you weirdos (I love you), who already know of lucid dreaming, and have successfully carried out a lucid dream, then this might be entertaining. For those of you who haven't a clue what I'm talking about.. stick around, you might actually take interest!

Okay so I was talking with a friend in school today, and seriously this guy is awesome; he takes crazy ideas and makes them seem completely normal. Today, it was lucid dreaming. I wasn't previously aware of the term, but rather the concept, and I actually remember having something like a lucid dream before. It was only semi-lucid though. But nonetheless, the whole thing just fascinated me! Oh and by the way, lucid dreaming is when you are aware, in a dream, that you are indeed dreaming, and are able to control what happens in your dreams. Sounds freaking amazing right?! Yeah well he went on about how he started it a weak ago, researching how it works and all that, and finally had his first successful lucid dream the last night. 

Immediately upon getting home, I grabbed my laptop and began my very thorough research on it, discovering many things. Here's my condensed guide of learning to have lucid dreams.

Step 1) Dream Journal - Apparently if you keep a dream journal, you might begin to see trends in your dreams and therefore, will be more likely to realise when you're dreaming.

Step 2) Am I Dreaming? - Constantly asking yourself whether you're dreaming or not, will get you into the habit, and you'll find yourself asking the question in dreams, possibly leading to a lucid dream.

Step 3) Reality Checks - There are ten ways of checking whether you're in a dream or a waking reality. These include:
    - Breathe - Can you hold your nose and mouth shut and breathe.
    - Jump - When you jump, do you float back down?
    - Read - Can you read a sentence twice without it changing?
    - Look - Is your vision clearer or blurrier than normal?
    - Hand - Can you push hand through a solid surface?
    - Time - Can you read a clock face or digital watch?
    - Fly - Can you will yourself to fly or hover above the ground?
    - Palms - Do the palms of your hands look normal close-up.
    - Mirrors - Does your reflection look normal in the mirror?
    - Math - Can you add up two numbers for a correct answer?

Step 4) Meditation - In the hour or half hour before going to bed, you're supposed to stare at your hands, in complete silence, and chant, over and over again, what it is you want your dream to be about. For example tonight, I'll be saying so myself; "I will dream about having super-powers". Bit far-fetched but you gotta dream big, right? Haha

Step 5) Have Patience - After what I've read, and heard, it takes a while to be able to do is. Apparently it's like a superpower itself! Haha! So don't expect to be able to do it straight away. 

Personally I can't wait to start all this! It's just past ten now, so I'll go through the list for about thirty minutes to an hour and hopefully it works!

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