Sunday, November 3, 2013


Okay, this is long overdue, seeing as Halloween was actually three days ago, but ah well, better late than never right?

I'll start by saying, I'm usually not the type to enjoy watching horror films, or the kind of person who particularly likes to be scared, but for some strange reason, I love Halloween! Maybe it's that I have fond memories of when I used to go out trick or treating and thought it was just amazing, and come back to watch the Disney Channel Original Halloween movies, like Halloween town and Twitches and stuff, but anyway, I just love it. Sadly I didn't get to carve pumpkins this year, because I had no time, but I did go to a Halloween party at my cousins'!

my sister as a maid and me in my zombie groom costume

It was nice, we all got dressed up, stuffed our faces and watched two Horror movies, which I had to be forced to watch by the way! 'Sinister' was by far the scariest movie I've ever seen, and I'm not even going to explain it, because I just want to forget about it, but 'The Eye' wasn't actually that bad, and had a pretty good ending if I do say so myself!

my maid sister, nurse cousin, and little devil cousin

We played games after that, stuffed our faces yet again, and talked through the night because we decided to sleep over. It wasn't the typical going out with friends and drinking yourself to stupor, but I actually really enjoyed myself! 

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