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The Legend of Korra

Title: Light in the Dark

Episode: 14, the season 2 finale.

Release date: November 16 2013

Network: Nickelodeon

Genre: Fantasy/Animation

Writer: Michael Dante DiMartino

Unalaq has finally merged with Vaatu and is terrorising Republic City in the form of a giant spiritual monster. Without Raava or any prior Avatar connections, Korra must meditate and fine the cosmic energy of the universe withing herself in order to defeat Vaatu.
- Wikia

Okay can we just take a second to compose ourselves after such an AMAZING season finale! I really do commend these writers. They're always thinking of ways to make this series unique, yet link it to the prequel series (The Legend of Aang) and the modern world, and they they do it without fail!

I'm gonna take it that if you're reading this, you've already seen the past episodes, but just incase you haven't, or you're relatively new to the series, I'll try keep the spoilers to a minimum!

By this point, the start of episode 14, we're feeling completely devastated for Korra. Watching Raava being torn out of her and destroyed right in front of you could not have been very easy, and all by the person you once called your Uncle. Then when she's found by Tenzin and brought to the Tree of Time, things start to pick up, and really REALLY quickly!

What I loved about this season was it's quick pace. You could say it was choppy at times, but the story's progression was fast enough to keep the audience entertained at all times, yet not so fast as to lose them altogether, and that was really highlighted in the finale.
With all going on, you'd think concentrating would be the most difficult thing, and for a short time it is for Korra, but out of nowhere she's back in that place where Aang was in the last series, you know that space bridge place thing, with a giant-sized version of themselves at the end? Well anyway she achieves spiritual perfection and this happens..

I know.. freaking awesome right?! She projects this blue spirit version of herself, which just grows and grows until it's the size of the Unalaq-turned-Vaatu and she teleports, using the gate, to where he's terrorising the city. This epic battle goes down, you know Avatar style, the good classic good and evil, and it actually seems like Korra might not triumph, but Jinora comes out of nowhere, like a spirit herself, and helps Korra in drawing Raava out of Vaatu, since "one cannot survive without the other" and all that.

It all happens so fast, that you actually almost have to catch your breath with all the action.
Korra is successful in getting Raava back, killing Unalaq in the process, and goes back to the spirit world to fuse with her once again. Though I did have moments of hesitation, I obviously knew Korra would win, you know.. Haha! I'm usually bored with the good always winning, but when they win in such an epic way, I can't help but applaud, it was just brilliant!

Korra becomes the avatar again, but big twist! When her connection with the previous avatars was severed, that was permanent, so basically she's starting the cycle again, which kinda sucks, but it happens! Korra decides not to close the gate between the two worlds, allowing for spirits and human to live together, which will be a big change in the next season, and the episode ends on a great note!

The episode revolved around Korra for the most part, understandably, but there are some parts where other characters deal with their problems. My favourite, definitely Bolin's announcing that he still loves Eska, in what seems to be a ploy to get her to free him, but might have actually been real! It was so entertaining, because that pair has been the biggest laugh for me in this season, and not necessarily in a bad way!

It was so unexpected and kinda nice, in a creep way, I just had to burst out with fits of uncontrollable laughter. I will definitely miss those two and their inevitable love *melodramatic sigh*.

Overall, the finale of season two get a four out of five, not only for it's enthralling story, but the interesting mix of good dialogue, fantastically drawn settings and noteworthy character building.


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