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The Originals

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In a particularly good mood today, and I did some redecorating on the blog, so I thought, why not throw in a new post too!

Well today's another review, not like yet not completely unlike my other review on 'The Maze Runner' I did a few weeks back.


The Originals (TO), for those of you who live under a rock (nah I'm kidding), is a spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries (TVD). Both American CW shows, both focusing on the topic of vampires and various other mystical entities, it's almost obvious what they'll be about.

Just as a really quick catch up of TVD and how this series began.
Basically, Elena meets Stefan. Stefan's a vampire. Damon is Stefan's evil but not so evil brother. Stefan and Elena fall in love. Stuff happens. They break up, unofficially, because of the all powerful Klaus. Klaus is an original, over two thousand years old (you see where the title 'The Originals' came from?). He has siblings but he's keeping them in a deep sleep by daggering their hearts. Original vampires can't be killed without wood or ash from the white oak tree. Klaus kills a lot of people. Everyone hates him. His siblings are released and go after him. Stuff happens. One sibling, Finn, dies. Another, Kol, also dies a little ways along the road. The last originals are Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Everyone discovers the originals aren't the oldest immortal beings. The first is Silas He was a witch, but that doesn't matter for this review. Eventually the remaining originals go to New Orleans, their hometown three hundred years ago. And so 'The Originals' began. Got that? Hahaha

Now we're passed that awful summary, I can get back to the review. 

This cast right here...

(Back row - Klaus, Hayley and Elijah
Front row - Rebekah and Marcel)

seem to impress me more and more with every passing episode. The characters, the story line, everything is just so brilliant!

First of all, the plot of TO was a bit hazy in the beginning. But I guess that was expected from a new show.
The original vampires are drawn to New Orleans because one, Klaus is extremely jealous of Marcel and wants to take his former hometown back. You see, Klaus, three hundred years ago, took Marcel under his wing from a young age. He'd always wanted a son, but the originals thought because vampires couldn't reproduce, that they could never expand their family. So Klaus, admiring the courage and strength Marcel put on display when standing up to a policeman (or whatever they were called three hundred years ago), trained him in fighting and all that, eventually turning him into a vampire years later. But when the originals left New Orleans, Marcel took over and became a vicious ruler, unwilling to just hand over his 'kingdom' now that the originals are back.

Klaus is infuriated obviously, it's one of his most prominent traits, and immediately begins to plot against Marcel. All this while, Hayley, a werewolf  is captured by the witches of New Orleans, because she's harbouring a devil baby or something. Turns out this baby is Klaus', the result of when the two hooked up. Klaus, evidently, can procreate because he's a hybrid, a werewolf as well as a vampire. This particular witch, Sophie Deveraux, links her life to Hayley's so that Klaus will listen to her. She wants the originals' help with getting back something of theirs from Marcel, which turns out to be a powerful young witch, and they have a mutual enemy, so they work together.

Over the next few episodes, Klaus gets closer to overthrowing Marcel, and the viewers are given more insight as to the town's past. Turns out Devina, the young witch, was rescued by Marcel on the night the elder witches tried to sacrifice her, and succeeded in sacrificing three of her friends, for the Harvest ritual. We also see a romance blossoming between Elijah and Hayley, which becomes even more obvious in the latest episode where Hayley is almost killed by the last remaining elder witch in attempts to kill the baby, and Elijah ends up killing the witch.

Just when the originals expect that all is well, and they can go back to taking New Orleans, Marcel kidnaps Hayley!

I physically can't wait 'til new week, and I hope to post a review on it too! I promise it'll be more organised next time, I was just too excited today haha!


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