Friday, November 22, 2013

Grey's Anatomy

Title: Somebody that I used to know

Episode: 10

Release Date: November 21, 2013

Network: ABC (American Broadcasting Company)

Genre: Medical Drama

Writer: Debora Cahn

My Rating: 4.3/5

Ben worries that a casual conversation with Derek could potentially cause issues for Bailey, Cristina turns to Shane as tension grows with Meredith, and April's upcoming wedding makes for an uncomfortable situation between Jackson and Stephanie. Meanwhile, Meredith plans a Thanksgiving at her house.
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Let me just start by saying Grey's Anatomy is one of my favourite shows, like ever, so excuse me if I get a bit carried away! Haha

Alright, though I liked last week's episode, I'm glad they're back to the hospital! The main concern in this episode, for me anyway, is how bad Bailey's OCD has gotten.

Last week's ending kind of set us up for it, and this week it's obvious the extent to which it has reached. The episode even opens with Bailey wringing her fingers, I don't know what to call it, and at this point I think I speak for all of us when I say we feel bad for her. She clearly isn't the type of person who copes well with personal loss, especially when it's her fault, so that incident in the last season with the Staph infection really got to her.
Poor innocent Ben is only trying to help her, and accidentally tells Derek about what he expects to be OCD, and Derek, being a member of the Hospital board, has to report it to Owen, who then has to take action. Let's just hope she's back to the normal old quick-witted, sassy Bailey we all know and love!

And.. onto the next couple!

Ah these two lovebirds! Jo and Alex have definitely had their fair share of the classic Grey's Anatomy tension, so I was happy with their storyline this week. It was positive and chilled FOR ONCE! Haha

As for 'Calzona', Callie and Arizona, things aren't going so well, despite how well Callie is taking everything. So in the last episode they decided to try rekindling their relationship, because nobody, not even them, knew where the pair stood. And I guess because Arizona actually feels bad for what she's done, and as a result of an OR slight confrontation, she tells Callie that she slept with Leah while they were on a break.

Even though Callie takes it well and says she needs the night to come to terms with it, Arizona still insists that she wants to sleep in the bed and that she's really trying and Callie should stop acting the victim and all that crap! I actually cannot believe how incredibly selfish that woman is! I'm definitely on Callie's side!

And.. onto the next couple!

Well this one isn't exactly a couple, but we're back to Richard's storyline. After his past reluctance to walk and continue with rehab, his stubbornness in this episode is both admirable and infuriating! When he wants something, he wants it immediately, which can result in a broken rib as we see in this episode.

I guess I understand why he wants to be able to jog on the treadmill as soon as possible and why he's so extremely impatient with his recovery. I mean, he's Chief Webber! Well not really, not anymore, but you get me right? Haha! He's been bed-ridden for far too long now, and if it were me in his place, watching what you love most being done around you, yet not being able to partake, I would go mad! He's strong though, no doubt he'll come out of this strong!

And.. onto the next couple!

Here we go, the twisted sisters! Is it just me, or is this rift between the two an absolute killer?! I hate it so much! They're both my favourite characters, both for different reasons, so to see them ignore each other and constantly bicker over who's turn it is to have the 3D printer, it heart-breaking!

I was on Cristina's side with the last episode, but now I'm taking Meredith's, simply for the reason that she gave Cristina a chance, she let the going behind her back slide, and yet Cristina wants to do it AGAIN? No, even I've had enough. Don't get me wrong, I love Yang, and I agree that she is indeed the best doctor in that hospital, but she's not the only one that needs it. Meredith let her have time with the printer, it didn't work, not she should go with the alternate route, which is the graph, but no, that's not good enough, even if it's safer.

And was I the only one who was pissed off at Shane's sudden burst at Meredith?? He had no say whatsoever, and decides that he should stick up for Cristina by roaring at Meredith, and all for what, to get into Yang's pants?? No, just no! I was just so annoyed at him, AND at Cristina after for kissing him! They just seem wrong to me!

There were other minor storylines, like how April's inviting Stephanie to her wedding instead of Jackson has kinda caused a rift between them, and how Owen is getting on great with his new girlfriend, but they're not too important.

Overall I give this episode a 4.3 out of 5 because I loved it, but the episode could have done without some parts!

By the way guys, I did see and love Catching Fire! A review will be up soon!

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