Friday, January 24, 2014

Casting The Characters (Legend)

Hey guys!

So I read this really cool feature post, over at A Day Dreamer's World, called 'Casting the Characters', and it's basically you choosing the cast for a soon to be book-to-film adaptation. Now, I don't know much about this particular adaptation, actually close to nothing really, but I know there's going to be one!

I'm going to be casting 'Legend' by Marie Lu! I've only read the first book in the trilogy, and plan to read the sequel next week, but I love it already!
Alright, here we go!

June Iparis - Emma Watson 

  • 15-year-old prodigy 
  • 1500/1500(100%) on her trial
  • Elite Republic family. Parents mysteriously killed in a car crash, leaving older brother to care for her
  • Day's love interest
  • Very analytical and smart
  • A bit of an uptight tense person

Okay I know Emma Watson isn't 15, but she's how I pictured June, deal with it! Haha
Hollywood rarely casts based on age anyway, I mean, look at the Divergent movie.. *wink wink*

Daniel "Day" Wing - Alex Pettyfer

  • 15-year-old prodigy 
  • Born in the slums of the Republic
  • He is led to believe that he failed his trial, but during the events of Legend, discovers he scored a 1500 (100%)
  • Republic's most-wanted criminal and the prime suspect of Metias' murder
  • Extremely agile, even more so than June. He, like June, is confident and stubborn

Again, the age doesn't exactly match, but they could make it work, right? He's more or less how I see Day, despite the whole long hair thing!
I think he'd be great as Day!

Tess - China Anne Mcclain

  • 13 years old 
  • Day's partner in crime and caretaker 
  • Abandoned by her parents at 10
  • Goes missing after Day is taken into custody by June 
  • Joined the Patriots

This one was kinda hard, and came to me a little while into the book. Tess had to be tanned and younger than the others, but still not too young, you know?
It'd be cool to see China play her!

Metias Iparis - Tom Welling

  • 27 years old when he died
  • June's older brother 
  • Murdered one night while pursuing Day
  • Knew he would be killed by the Republic for uncovering a conspiracy

This one was just beyond easy! For some strange reason I imagined Metias as a sort of Superman figure, and Tom Welling fits the description perfectly! Haha

Thomas - Ben Barnes

  • Metias's old friend 
  • Infatuated with June 
  • Special hatred of Day
  • Responsible for Metias' murder
  • Also murdered Day's Mother

I didn't really put a face to Thomas' name before making this post, I didn't like him enough. But I guess he's a pretty important character and whatnot, so yeah, Ben Barnes is probably it for me!

Well, what do you guys think of my casting? Do you agree? Disagree? I really want to see the actors/actresses you guys have in mind!
I think I was pretty spot on, if I do say so myself haha!

Thanks for reading!

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