Monday, February 24, 2014

My Booktube Channel - Emdawg Reads

Hey guys!

I've done it! Well, half done it.. I finally made a youtube/booktube channel! It's called, Emdawg Reads and now, not only can I talk about books here on the blog, but I can talk about all things bookish on booktube too!

Currently there aren't any videos posted, but I've filmed a few and will start editing soon! When I do start posting, you can expect things like book hauls, the usual book reviews, book discussions, bookish tags and so much more! Sound good? Well if you do like the sound of it, why don't you go on over and subscribe, so you won't miss any!

Being the anxious person that I am, filming the first video was so weird, but I can already feel myself loosening up, and before soon, I'll be quite the natural! Haha. But all joking aside, I'm so excited about this, and encourage anyone who's thinking of trying it, to go ahead!

So yeah, don't forget to subscribe to the channel, and thanks for reading!

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