Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blogmas Day 12: 'Date, Marry, Dump' Book Edition

Hey guys!

Alright, today's post is going to be interesting, to say the least! I know I'll have fun doing it anyway, and I'm sure you guys will really like it too! Haha

So let's get started.. 'Date, Marry, Dump'.. GO!

Okay, starting off easy haha! I haven't actually read the books, but based on the films, I'd date Alice, because she freaking awesome, marry Rosalie, because she's definitely the family type, and I'd dump Bella.. Sorry not sorry..

Haha let's see now, another relatively easy one, from the Divergent series! I'd date Tris, because she's uber cool and Tobias is a lucky guy, marry Four, because that's the only one that fits, and definitely dump Caleb, and this time I'm not sorry! 

Ah, my favourite characters from one of my most favourite book series! Now this one will be hard haha! I'd date Johanna, because I think it'd just be the most exciting relationship ever! Marry Finnick because, come on, he's Finnick, and dump Katniss, for which I'm so very sorry but it had to be done! 

The all-time best characters from the amazing Lorien Legacies series! Agh I love them all so much! Haha. Anyway, I'd date Six, because why not have a badass girlfriend who could kick the crap out of you right? I'd marry Seven, because she's so lovable, and dump Eight. And again, so very sorry!

Haha these three girls are all amazing in their own way, and if you've read the HP series, you'd definitely agree! I'd date Luna, because I think she's so underrated! I'd marry Hermione, because I kinda sorta have a little obsession over her (and Emma Watson), and I'd dump Ginnie. Don't worry though, she got the boy that lived! Haha

Just incase you were wondering, I am heterosexual haha, I just thought that this would be fun, and it was! So for anyone who didn't understand, it was a joke! Hahaha

Anyway, I'm sorry it's a bit on the short side, but I've still got four exams left, and have to get back to studying Chemistry yo!..

If you enjoyed the post, why not do it on your blog? I'd love to see who you guys would choose!
Until tomorrow, with day 13, see ya!

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