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Blogmas Day 7: Authors I'd Like To Meet

Hey guys!

Let me just start by saying we've just finished putting up our Christmas decorations and It's really starting to feel like the Christmas season! Haha. Sorry, I just had to do it!

Anyway, day seven, a whole week of Blogmas already, and I've only messed up once.. I think that's pretty good if I do say so myself! Haha. I think I'll stick to the routine I've got here, book review then two book-related posts, so today, as you can see by the title, will be about the Authors I'd like to meet and why!

So most of you wouldn't even have heard of this guy, but his work is amazing! He's a Kung Fu instructor and found a way to combine his love for the art, with his passion for reading, evidently. 

His series, 'The Five Ancestors' was the first series of books I ever completed.. Yeah I know, I was a tad slow then. The reason I'd love to meet him, is that he is one of the very few authors who writes, purely to contextualise lessons and focus on that for the duration of his work. I mean, in the whole series, things like romance and wealth and the like, were never approached. Now I know there are many lessons to learn regarding those two things, but when an author writes around the themes of discovering yourself, and the importance of friendship, and stuff like that, it's just so much nicer to read. Don't you think? 

I recently found out that he is continuing the series, which came as a surprise for me, because I thought the ending was perfect, so I'm a bit wary to read the subsequent books, just in case the don't live up to the standard of the original books! Haha

Okay, Stephenie Meyer. She's no stranger to anyone! Haha. Author of one of the most successful YA series, it'd be strange not to know who she is.

I've never read the Twilight series, mainly because I don't like Bella's character, but I've seen and actually liked the movies, so don't worry about this being a brief ripping on the woman! Haha

The reason I'd want to meet her is because I think she's a difficult person to get to know. I don't know if you guys have ever seen any of her interviews, with or without the cast of the films, but for some strange reason, and I say this because I want to be honest, she seems a little fake to me.. Maybe not completely fake, but somewhat fictitious herself. I can't pinpoint exactly why I get that impression off her, but I just do and if I were to meet her, I'd really want to find out what kind of person she really was! 

If you know me personally, or have read the 'Hunger Games'-related posts I've done in the past, you'll know that I'm a very big fan of Suzanne Collins, and her amazing work!

I first found out about The Hunger Games from a friend who'd read the books and was excited about the book-adaptation being made. I think it was the first real dystopian series I read, and the concept was so refreshing and exciting, that I immediately fell in love with the trilogy, and finished them in a few days!

I have so many reasons for wanting to meet Suzanne Collins, but put simply, it's because Ijust think she's an extraordinary writer and somewhat of an inspiration! You rock Collins! Haha

Whenever I meet hear of someone who doesn't like the Harry Potter series, or has never seen the books, I just feel like shouting at them, and telling them that they're missing out on life. But then I compose myself and settle on acting it out in my head. Hahaha

This woman is one of the best writers out there, in my opinion, and it's particularly for her style of writing, though that too is impeccable. It's because her ideas are so unique, so original, that you just wonder how on Earth she came to thinking up such works of art! 
The Harry Potter series was the second books series I ever read, one of my favourite series ever, and went on to become one of my favourite film series too. I know some people, maybe not reading this now, are just itching to point out the flaws of the books, but it still would bother me. As much as I love Rowling's style of writing, it might even be more, the world she created, and the characters she gave us no choice but to love that made me love the books so much. 

Just imagine being inside her mind for a few minutes. How amazing would that be! The next best thing is getting to meet her! Haha

This man was simply legendary. He was a British novelist, short story writer, poet, fighter pilot and screenwriter. I mean, come on! 

I don't know about you guys, but Primary School is just a blur to me now. A very warm blur that makes me nostalgic and want to go Neverland! Anyway, it was a happy blur, and the only thing I distinctly remember from that time period was going to the school library every week, and picking out another Roald Dahl book to read. Every single week, I'd make sure I found one of his books that I hadn't read yet, and take that on out. And when I ran out of books, I started all over again. It got so bad, that one time, I was reading 'James and the Giant Peach',  while walking to school, and ended up walking into my classroom door. The blinds were up, everyone saw. It was quite funny actually, and at the time I hadn't even realised what had happened, I just continued reading. That's how much I loved his books!

I know Dahl isn't alive anymore, but just imagine meeting him. It be a dream!

So what do you guys think of these authors? Would you like to meet them? Would you not?

Hope you guys are all having a great weekend! I'll see you tomorrow with day eight of Blogmas!

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