Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blogmas Day 4: Rating System Explained

Oh my God, I very well might have overestimated exactly how much time I had on my hands when I decided to do Blogmas.This post may not be on the 4th December for me, but it will for some people, like any readers in the States, so it still counts right? ;)

Alright, I'll keep it simple today. My rating system! It probably more or less the same for every book blogger, but I'll do it anyway!

A book rated one button for me, might not actually be a terrible book for someone else, and the same goes for a book rated five buttons. It's just my opinion, and that can be influenced by many things while reading a book, like how I'm feeling that day, and the themes of the book etc. Despite everything I've just said, you can be sure a one-rated book won't be very satisfying haha ;)

Again, sorry for the late post, but I was up to my neck with school work! Better late than never, anyway, right? Haha

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