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Blogmas Day 17: Film Adaptations I Can't Wait To See

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You wouldn't believe how relieved I am that my exams finish tomorrow! Then it's three weeks of pure bliss! Christmas, my Birthday, New Year AND a holiday to Orlando? It's going to be perfect! Haha
Anyway, back to the post!

As we, the lovers of books, all know, more and more of our beloved titles are being adapted into films in recent years. So I thought it's be a good idea to name my top ten most highly anticipated film adaptations of the coming year, 2014!

I just recently finished this book (finally), and I loved it! I think I'll just save my thoughts for the review I'll eventually write out, but I just want to say, and I think everyone will agree, that this will be one of the top movies next year. Or so I hope..

I think Shailene Woodley was a great casting choice, and though I'm not as certain with Ansel Elgort, I still believe the film will turn out brilliantly! I haven't heard of the director before, and if my sources are correct he's only directed one film previous to this one, but you got to have faith right? Everyone starts somewhere!

6 June, 2014

My inability to put into words how I feel about this book being made into a film just shows how excited I am! I read the book over the summer, when I was on holidays in London, and finished it so quickly! The story was amazing and I just know it'll make a great film!

As for the cast of this film, I was slightly disappointed with the director's choices, especially with Minho, but because I love Dylan O'Brien and his work, those disappointments may very well just dissipate! James Dashner is co-writing the screenplay, so that's good, and again, I know nothing about the director, but I just know he'll do a good job.. He has too! Haha

19 September 2014

You guys have seen the trailer, right? The movie looks awesome! Everyone knows how violent the book is, filled with action and all that, but the movie seems almost more action-packed, and for me, that's a bonus man!

Shailene Woodly is going to be a very busy girl next year, we can all conclude on that! I haven't seen too many of her films, yet already love her! I think there was quite the controversy with Theo James as Four. I, personally, agree that he doesn't exactly fit the image of 'Four' I had in my head, but I'd rather judge him on his performance. That, I can't wait for!

21 March 2014

This book is so woefully underrated, that it actually saddens me! The series has a great plot and really interesting characters. I mean, a prophecy about two twins with magical abilities, one twin to save the world and one destroy it? How does that not get you excited?

Unfortunately, because they only recently announced that they would be making a film adaptation, there's no info on it. The cast and release date have yet to be decided! I have such high hopes for this movie!

Date TBA

And finally, the film I'm looking forward to most of all, the first part of Mockingjay! If you've been reading my blog since last month, you'll be well aware of my love for 'The Hunger Games' series! I think the majority of fans were thoroughly satisfied with Catching Fire, I know I was anyway, and it did really well in the box office, so I just know Mockingjay will be brilliant!

The cast of Catching Fire could not have been better, in my opinion, and because most of that cast will still be the mains of Mockingjay, I have absolutely no problems!
The most exciting part is that it's being split into two movies! As we already know, the books were all in Katniss' POV, so I'm also excited to see what they do with Peeta and Johanna, and other aspects of the plot, outside of District 13.

21 November 2014

What film adaptations are you guys buzzing for? Tell me in the comments!
Alright guys, I'll see you all tomorrow with Day 18!

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