Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hey guys!

Hope everyone's doing good? I know I am!

I can probably guess what you all are thinking. Blogmas? What the heck is that? But don't worry, you'll get it soon enough haha!

So a load of my favourite youtubers are doing this thing called Vlogmas, where they "vlog everyday 'til Christmas for you"! Haha. If you know what I'm talking about you'll get the quote.
Anyway, I think it was Luke and Ingrid's idea, they were the first ones, that I saw anyway, who'd done it and I just thought it was a great idea, especially because I'm trying to get more content onto my blog!

So yeah, 'Blogmas'. You get it now? ;) I'll be blogging everyday until Christmas, and because my blog has evolved into a book blog, most of my posts will be book related! Either book reviews, or book hauls, or titles I'm awaiting and the list is endless! There will be the odd personal post, or posts about movies or tv shows, but they won't be reviews like my previous ones.

Cool, so this is the first of twenty-five posts! All I hope is that I can keep up and that you beautiful people will keep reading ;) Haha

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