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Blogmas Day 9: Best And Worst Book Characters

Hey guys!

So exams are starting this week, and it'll prove much harder for the whole daily Blogmas posting thing, but bear with me, I'm trying my best ;)

Today is going to be very fun for me! I'm going to be, very briefly, talking about my favourite and worst characters, probably a pair from a few different novels, or series, just to contextualise.. or whatever!

I'll just get stuck in shall I?

I know this series is over now, and that I would be expected to be talking about The Heroes of Olympus series, but I'm not completely caught up with that series, so.. another time! Haha

Anyway, this is an easy one to start with, my favourite character in this whole book series has to be.. 
I don't think anyone can put up a legit argument about Annabeth being a dislikable character. She's strong, smart and beautiful? What's not to like there? Haha. But seriously the reason she's my favourite character, is because she's just so badass it's amazing!

And my worst character of the series is..
I know a lot of people actually really like Luke, but for some reason I couldn't have found him more irritating if I tried. I did sympathise with him at first, and you could defend by saying he was under Kronos' influence, but come on, he still has a mind of his own!

Because I've decided to keep by favourite and worsts, withing the group of main characters, this series will be very difficult for me! On second thought, it won't be very hard after all..

My favourite character is..

Without a doubt, in the first two books of the series, Four has to be my favourite character. I'm not sure anyone needs an explanation as to why. He's brave, 'dauntless', self-controlled and rational, for the most part anyway! Haha. Though I really did like Tris, I felt Four was just that bit cooler!

And my worst character has to be..
 First of all, let me just say that I actually liked Caleb at the start. I thought he was a nice, level-headed guy, and admired his choosing Erudite over Abnegation, whereas I didn't know what his intentions would be later on the lines. Let's just say when he betrayed Tris, I almost felt betrayed aswell!

You know I just had to talk about this one guys, I always do when I get the chance and this was just too good to pass up! Haha

My favourite character from this series is actually just too difficult to choose, so I'm settling for my top two, and I think you'll agree when I say my favourite characters are..


These two are just perfect. Haymitch firstly, is amazingly characterised, though most only see the aggressive drunk he tends to be most of the time! Haha. I just loved him, in the books and the movies!
Johanna, on the other hand completely surprised me! I liked her in the books, but Jena Malone playing her in Catching Fire made me love her! She was determined, strong, loyal and hilarious! Did you see her interview with Caesar?? Classic Johanna!

Anyway, my worst character has to be..

I know we didn't actually get to see too much of President Coin, but the parts we were provided with was enough for me to really dislike. You ever get that feeling, where you don't know exactly why you hate someone, but you just so? That's exactly how I feel about her! Haha

This is another really hard one, seeing as I liked almost everyone in the damn series! But anyway, the events of the last book clearly showed me who I liked best.
And that is..
If you didn't like Number Eight in this series, and you weren't saddened by his very sudden death, then you're just heartless my friend, because that had to have been the worst part of any book I've ever read! He was the one source of real fun they all had, always cracking jokes and making everyone smile.. Agh why did he have to die!

My worst character was..
He was suspicious from the very start! I knew there was something up when he claimed never to have seen a Mog before, how did they not see through his lies! I sort of understood why he sided with the Mogs, he lost his Cepan at a very young age and they 'took care of him', and I know he didn't mean to kill eight, but I just couldn't stand him anymore after he'd done it. And plus, he was torturing Six and Nine! 

Oh my God, save the best for last as usual! Haha

With no hesitation whatsoever, I'm happy to say that my favourite character in the Harry Potter series, was ..
 Smart, brave, strong, Hermione's got it all really! I remember my first time reading the series, and loving Granger immediately. Even with her little outbursts here and there, I'm just not able to dislike her. She's just a great character in all!

And my worst is..

I really wanted to hate Draco, I really did, but I just couldn't! Haha. Even after all that he'd done throughout the series, I just couldn't bring myself to hate him! Then I thought, the reason he was the way he was, is probably because of his Father Lucius, and that's how Lucius became my worst character in the series! Hahaha

Wow, that took longer that I expected! Better post this before midnight haha!
But what did you guys think? Did you agree with my choices? If you thought I could've named a different character for any of the series, but throw it into the comments! :)
See you tomorrow with Day ten!

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