Friday, December 20, 2013

Feature And Follow Friday #2

Hey guys!

I think this will be a regular from now on, visiting so many blogs that past week was so fun!

So this is a blog hop, which basically means, that it's a way to find and follow new blogs, by hopping from one to the other? Hahaha that's what I understand anyway! I also understand that there are a few 'Feature Follow's, but this particular one is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Check out their blogs to get more info on the feature follow! If you're participating, and actually want to follow my blog, because you're just so awesome like that, just become a member of my blog in the little sidebar GFC thing! Oh and on Bloglovin, if you don't mind! Haha


Pick a book in your favorite genre that you’d recommend to a reluctant reader.

Oh there are so many books I would recommend for lovers of YA fiction or fantasy. But seeing as listing them all isn't realistic, I'll settle on just two!

The first is, as you can so clearly see on the left, 'The Alchemyst' by Michael Scott. I actually discovered this series when I was looking for Irish authors, and the fact that this series turned out to be one of my favourites, like ever, made me sort of proud! Haha

No but honestly, this is great for anyone who enjoys a good old action-packed, magical read. It's packed with legends and prophecies and it will thoroughly entertain you!

The second book, 'I Am Number Four' by Pittacus Lore, is also the first of a great series, but this one has already been made into a movie!
If you saw the movie and hated it, completely disregard the adaptation altogether. It just did not do this book justice! If you did, however, you need to pick this up now! Haha

It's about a group of nine aliens (human look-alikes obviously), who's planet has been completely obliterated by their enemy. They're the only ones left, apart from their guardians, and they've been tasked with honing their abilities, before taking on the leader of the enemy race! Even my synopsis doesn't do the book justice. I recommend this one even more than The Alchemyst! It's brilliant, and the other books of the series just get better!

Okay guys, I'll see you later with today's Blogmas post!

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