Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blogmas Day 14: What Books Have Taught Me

Hey guys!

Alright so I'm not posting a book review today, because I'm actually finishing up on a few reads and want to post reviews to them either next week or the week after! But I had a really cool idea, where I talk about what books have taught me..
I know, I know, doesn't sound too interesting, but let me just ask you this one question. Have you ever heard of Jenna Marbles? She's this really big Youtuber and she's previously made a few videos on the topic of what various things have taught her, but not in the way you'd anticipate. If you've ever seen one of the videos, you'll know what I'm talking about! Anyway, she absolutely hilarious in these videos, especially the one with the Disney princesses, so I thought it'd be cool to do the same, but with books?..

Alright let's see how this goes! Haha

 Okay, what have I learned from the beloved Divergent book? First of all, Tris so selflessly taught me that at the first chance I get, I should leave my parents and everything I'm used to because I admire the way people jump out of trains. Four taught me that I should tattoo my back, and I mean fill the canvas, with tattoos, because I never want to forget where I come from, even though I probably won't ever be able to see the full thing.

Ah, 'Die For Me' written by Amy Plum also taught me a few things! For starters, the main character Kate, taught me that whenever anything bad happens, I should just curl up in my bed, all day every day, for weeks upon end, just reading. It's not like I'd be trying to worry my family or anything, I just don't think the world is too scary and that my blanket will protect me from everything!

 Even though I've never read it, I do believe that there is a multitude of lessons to be learned by this book series in general, and also by the admirable protagonist Bella. I think everyone here knows of Bella's story, and I hope you got the message she was offering. From her I learned that even though someone I have a crush on could potentially be the cause of my own death, that it's alright, I'll just go after them anyway! I also learned that if someone breaks up with me, I should never leave my bedroom, just sit in my chair watching the seasons go by, and almost kill myself multiple times to get them back.

Not really a book you'd expect to hear much of on a fictional YA book blog, but it's just so iconic, I had to include it, you know! This beautiful love-story taught me that the length of time you've known someone doesn't make a difference in the very slightest, as long as you absolutely love each other. Romeo taught me that it's okay to change your mind about who you love every five seconds, and Juliet taught me that faking your own death is a small price to pay once you end up with the love of your life, whom you've known for a week or so?

And just because Shakespeare was so brilliant in his conveying lessons through his masterpieces, I'll talk about a second by him. Actually it's because I'm studying it in English class, and it's just.. indescribable.. Othello taught me that if someone accuses my wife of cheating on me, the only thing to do is to kill her. No talking needed, she just needs to get the boat! Also, the brilliant mastermind Iago taught me that I should vow insatiable revenge upon anyone who looks me over for a job. Oh and yeah, then I should kill my wife because she's annoying.. This play is just chalk-full of lessons man!

Hahaha well that's that! For anyone who didn't cop on halfway through the post, I was indeed joking, being sarcastic, call it what you will. I think we all know that I love those stories, and dissing them was actually harder than I'd thought.
Anyway, yeah, that was fun, especially the last one. Hopefully I drew a tiny smirk from at least one person. How about you try it on your blog as well? That is if you liked it and knew of Jenna Marbles' videos before reading this! Haha

I'll see you guys tomorrow with Day 15 of Blogmas! By the way, I'm turning 16 in 16 days.. Just thought I'd mention it because it sounds cool.. Okay.. bye!

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