Friday, December 20, 2013

Blogmas Day 20: Physical Books VS Ebooks

Hey guys!

Yesterday I bought a few books, some on my Kindle, some from the usual retailers, and it got me thinking why I bother with getting physical copies of books when it has been made so much easier with eBooks? So I thought it would be fun to do 'Physical books versus Electronic books'.

As a teenager, and suspected victim of insomnia 
(not really), I love that I can read during the night,
and not get caught, because I'm reading in the dark.
It also helps when you're too lazy to get out of bed
and turn off the lights after a read! Haha
First of all, any reader would agree that a 
collection of printed books, actually
tangible, has a nicer appeal than a collection
of ebooks on your device.
Storing electronic books is far easier than buying
bookcase after bookcase to keep your physical 
copies in. For us lazy people, this can be well
I know this might not seem much of a contending
feature, but have you ever smelled a printed book?
It sounds so weird, believe you me, I know, but
the smell of physical books is so comforting and
Something that's really convenient about having a
collection of ebooks, is the fact that they're so much
easier to carry around. Just take a trip for example,
all the walking around, it's nice to have something to
read, that you can keep in your back pocket.
There was this one time, I was really getting into
the story of a book, and.. the charging notice came
up.. Simply, physical books never interrupt your
reads by reminding you to charge them.
Another thing I really appreciate, as a student, with
a really tight budget, is that most electronic books
tend to cost less than the same titles in physical
Does anyone remember the first time they ever 
visited a library, or their local bookstore? Do you
remember how awesome it felt to look around
and just be surrounded by so many books it felt
surreal? Yeah, that doesn't happen with ebooks..
As someone who's concerned about their ability to,
well, breathe, I like that producing electronic books,
saves paper. This obviously saves the trees, 
which, provide us with oxygen so we don't.. die.. Haha
Nothing compares to the experience you're 
rewarded with after reading a physical book.
Even if you end up not enjoying a particular
novel, the experience almost makes up for it.
The feel, the smell, the manual turning the pages,
it's all so satisfying, and most importantly, it's 
something that ebooks don't exactly offer.

So, while I do love ebooks, physical they pale in comparison to physical books.
What are your thoughts guys? Which do you prefer?

I'll be back tomorrow with day 21 of Blogmas!

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